To Sell Shoes From The Shoe

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One day, a passerby suddenly required to buy a glass case of shoes. Luo Mizuki shocked, that gave him the "We can just sell shoes," the idea. At that time, wiping the asking price two dollars a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes the price as high as 200. Lan Luo Mizuki back home, hired a shoe shop, stitch to start a shoe, the shoe business.

From shoe to shoe, Romania has remained the cause of Mizuki in "vendors" stage, the master shoe day "capacity", but four pairs of shoes, Luo Mizuki's "store" is a cart, glass case arrayed 20 to pair of shoes, hanging above the "A thin leather shoes No" signs. "Store" looks pretty "simple", but his regular customers particularly, many people are directed at establishing the credibility of Romania Shuimu shoe to a pair of shoes.

"At the time production is limited, can not produce a full range of sizes." Luo Mizuki said, "I took samples to sell to old customers, tailored to customers, shoes material, indeed, good wear and cheap."

Mizuki relying on word of mouth Law established the reputation of doing business, although business is good, but production is not high, and limited capital on hand, it can only be the street vendors. A chance, let Lo Mizuki from transport.At the time, listening to the radio is generally the most popular form of entertainment. A staff member of a radio station Shuimu patrons of Romania, saw "A thin class" business is getting better, Pianxiang sell him 23:00 to 12 am of the "popular time" ads.

Radio advertising costs the equivalent of one week the price of 4 pairs of shoes, abacus fine Luo Mizuki had not want to advertise, but do not want to offend his regular customers, plus the other 5 discount is given, Nike Air Max 90 his wound and he agreed.

Unexpectedly, this somewhat reluctantly decided to allow "A thin class" from the street vendors in one fell swoop "upgrade" to have a physical store owner, and laid the foundation of the Kingdom A thin shoes.

It turned out that was when the summer heat was a lot of people could not sleep at night, to enjoy the cool outdoors, while listening to the radio chat, in the "less popular periods," the ad, the audience suddenly increased, "A thin," became a household name.
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To Sell Shoes From The Shoe

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This article was published on 2011/02/24