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This is another in the line of great shoemakers who have been in the business since the past 125 years (in fact the company is celebrating its 125th anniversary RIGHT now!). They have been situated in the same town of Desborough all this while and have rightly acquired their place in the best that England has to offer in terms of shoes.

This is a complete custom made shoe and keeps in mind the customer through the entire process of shoe making, that is, from the crafting to the final packaging. Needless to say it is a delight to possess.

There are three styles of Cheaney shoes: Classic, contemporary and Leisure. The names of the shoes signify what the shoes are meant to be: Classic, Contemporary or Leisure.

The shoes are manufactured by a process known as Goodyear Welting. This method, developed by Charles Goodyear is a method of joining the upper to the sole. It is said to be a very durable method of shoe making because it allows the shoe to be repaired several times which increases the life of the shoe. The best part about a shoe made by Goodyear Welting is that the more it is worn, the more its life increases and the more comfortable it becomes.

Shoe making process at Cheaney Shoes takes about eight weeks and about 200 hand operations. The most interesting and noticeable part of the process are the cutting out of the leather and then the stitching out of the uppers. Presently, most manufacturers outsource both these operations to industries in the Far East. However, at Cheaney these processes are still carried out just as they used to be back in 1886. This can very well explain the extent of personalization that is these shoes!

To increases the longevity of leather soled shoes, the wearer should wear them for the first few days on a dry surface. Also, one should take care of the shoe by using shoe-tree made of cedar tree which absorbs the moisture of the shoes. One is advised not to wear the same shoes daily so as to give them time to dry out and for the leather to regain lost shape. They must never be dried on a direct heat source and should be left to dry naturally (and with the help of shoe trees) in case they become wet.

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Stylish Cheaney Shoes

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This article was published on 2011/01/20