Stiletto sandals Platinum

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Stiletto sandals Platinum Guild Stuart Vayttsmana worth 1.09 million dollars

The main adornment of this pair of shoes are the platinum strips attached to them with 464 round and pear-shaped diamonds.

These were the first pair for "Cinderella" from the famous designer. At the 2002 Oscars in these sandals was the actress Laura Harring. During the ceremony, its guarded by three bodyguards. After all, the actress, in addition to precious sandals, adorned necklace of diamonds worth 27 million dollars.

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Ruby sandals from Stuart Vayttsmana. Cost 1,600,000

For sandals with a 11-tisantietrovym stiletto heel, the company Oscar Heyman & Bros invited 642 of oval and round ruby. The total weight gemstones 120 carats. Stones are secured with platinum.

To create a Ruby sandals in 2003, Stewart Vayttsmana inspired shoes Dorothy from the movie about the Land of Oz. "Cinderella" this year was chosen Nicola Churchwood, but on the red carpet and have not appeared.

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Sandals of diamonds and tanzanite from Stuart Vayttsmana. The cost is two million dollars.

In making sandals with 185 carats of tanzanite and 28 carats of diamonds with Stuart Vayttsmanom participated Le Vian jewels. The general public sandals were presented at the 2008 CES in Las Vegas, but so far they have not been worn.

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Cinderella's shoes from Stuart Vayttsmana worth two million dollars

Sandals encrusted with 595 carats of diamonds from Kviat. On one of the shoes attached diamond color amaretto 5 carat, which costs one million dollars.

These shoes put singer Alison Krauss, nominated for the Permian Oscar in 2004 for the song in the movie "Cold Mountain."

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Shoes, "Rita Hayworth" from Stuart Vayttsmana. Their price is 3 million dollars.

Outwardly unremarkable satin shoes were created on the basis of earrings srokovyh actress of the late Rita Hayworth, which are the ornament. Earrings adorned with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Now earrings belong to the actress's daughter - Princess YasminAga Khan

"Cinderella" in 2006 was chosen as a musician Kathleen "Bird" York.

This is the most expensive shoes in the world.

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Stiletto sandals Platinum

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This article was published on 2010/12/17