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There are many groups for polio survivors. These are comprised of others who have suffered through the disease and know about the trials of recovery. Few could have imagined that a tiny virus could have such drastic effects on the human body as polio, but for today's polio survivors groups, they know how much their lives and bodies have been turned upside down by the disease. Polio's results can affect the mind as well as the body. Polio survivor groups offer support to others to let them know that there are other people who understand their ordeal of living after polio.

Polio survivor groups deal with many issues of life after polio, and one of these is how the virus affects a polio survivor’s feet. Foot problems are common with those who have had polio, and the majority discovers that it is very difficult to purchase a fitting pair of shoes. This is due to the changes in the bone and muscle structure of the foot which can lead to survivors having two separate shoe sizes.

If you now need to wear a mismatched pair of shoes, you need to find and wear them. It is very important that you take care of your feet, and wearing the wrong shoes can cause further damage to your feet.

Also, if one or both of your shoes are too narrow, you could be asking for the development of bunions or calluses. Shoes which are too loose can cause blisters. You might even need to wear high heeled shoes due to the changes in the shape of your foot, or you might have flatfeet. Polio survivors groups can help you discuss these issues with those with similar problems and seek out resources for purchasing mismatched shoes.

When you go to purchase new shoes, you should get the right measurements for both of your feet. Some polio survivors are embarrassed by the way that the disease has left their feet and they will not go to a shoe store, but you will need to have another person measure your feet since getting an accurate reading is very difficult for an individual.

Talking to others in a polio survivors group or having other group members go with you to have your feet measured might make you more comfortable. The measurements of both feet can be used to purchase shoes in the store or at a mismatched shoe retailer on the Internet or a shoe exchange such as OddShoeFinder.


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Polio Survivor Groups

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This article was published on 2010/02/08