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According to the biomechanical needs of running shoes can be divided to provide shock absorption, provide stability, providing motion control three categories. Running shoes provide shock absorption, usually have more flexible laminated soles. Asics Shoes have theflexible laminated soles. Even when the supporting foot force in the movement to help the foot shock. Shoes are usually have lighter body but stability will be relatively poor.

Provide stability running shoes that generally have the force or the inside of the uniformity of the column with sandwich structure. Some Asics Shoes have the same structure. TO provides motion control running shoes, usually is hard. It can reduce or control excessive varus foot to prevent ankle injuries. This is usually the weight of running shoes running shoes weight than others.

See the end from the outside, with outer soles usually cover the entire sole. Covered with a variety of special lines, there may be a lot of the middle groove back. Most of the colors are black, there are other colors, the thickness is generally 3-5mm. The main role of the outsole and the ground in direct contact with the process of play wear and anti-skid effect. Back to the lines and ditch covered is from this role. Carbon outsole materials are generally rubber, this rubber relatively resistant while non-slip effect and also an ideal weight. Asics Shoes Sale now!

Another is the upper part of the upper part of the. This part of the shoe design is the most complex and difficult part. This mainly refers to how to achieve the appearance of shoes, the balance of style and functionality. Big sports brand Asics Shoes will tend to have introduced each quarter a number of attractive new models. Functionally, this part of the main considerations are: breathable, comfortable, close to the foot and ankle protection, solid and easy to use shoelaces and so on.

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This article was published on 2010/11/18