Not Your Ordinary Women’s Shoe Review

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Many of us face problems with all sorts of footwear, especially when it comes to comfort. I reckon that women have it the hardest because of the type of shoes which are considered as appropriate for them, such as heels and many others like it. Another problem we may face is our footwear producing a bad odor. Nevertheless, we, as human beings, have found ways to solve most of the problems that we face in life and, as a solution to uncomfortable women’s shoes; I give you -- the Crocs Kadee.

Now, when choosing good, comfortable shoes to wear at any type of occasion, you should never choose any type of footwear just because it is good for the event. It may look good but will you feel good? Your feet could be getting a beating all day/night long but you couldn’t do anything about it because those pairs of shoes were “appropriate”. However, I will tell you how these particular Crocs’ shoes are able to provide you with the very best of comfort without having to sacrifice that “appropriate” look.

Why The Kadee Is No Ordinary Pair Of Shoes

The Crocs Kadee, with similar features and looks to the Crocs Olivia, had an amazing amount of good reviews just after the first few weeks of being released. The shoes are extremely light in weight - convenient for many women, and it also features the classic form-to-foot Croslite construction making it unbelievably comfortable!

These women’s flat is a ballerina-inspired shoe and it comes with some of the most incredible technology that a shoe could have. One great feature of the Kadee is the fact that it is odourless, like many Crocs shoes. However, even though the features of the Kadee are near countless, here are just a few;

  • Classic molded flat with distinctive heel windows and detailing
  • Circulation nubs along footbed for a massage-like feel
  • Stylized holes on vamp for breathability
  • Fully molded Croslite material flat for lightweight comfort


So, if you are a woman who has been trying endlessly to get a good pair of comfortable shoes that can be worn anywhere, I suggest that you take a look at this particular shoe or other shoes offered by Crocs. And if you are more into that flip-flop style then a good pair to look for would be the Crocs Cleo. Keep in mind that these will probably be the most comfortable pair of shoes you will ever try on or even own.

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Not Your Ordinary Women’s Shoe Review

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Not Your Ordinary Women’s Shoe Review

This article was published on 2012/03/01