Increased in shoes for women

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Many men in increased attention to the problem, at the same time, also pay great attention to women, women are more care about the long legs, and a height, a lot of people would say that the girl with the help of high heels is so meaning in height? But high heels to wear very uncomfortable, also very tired, so a lot of girls like to wear inside, also known as shoes.

Shoes is a shoe in internal increase high-level, appearance is the same as ordinary shoes, wear the shoes can achieve higher results. Also called shoes, contact shoes, shoes in stealth.Shoes is made within: Height shoes, leather shoes, running shoes) + heighting insole increased (pad), or a floor mat in ordinary shoe soles of insoles, the ordinary shoes shoes mold is modified, can put right on the insole, so in general are on the market can't buy, general buy shoes don't fit to put on the market high insoles vb2jhgc, a specially made shoe mold need to the manufacturer.On the overall design, the use of the human foot structure and the principle of human physiological mechanics, adopt implicit with design and appearance of flat structure, moderately higher inside the shoe, supplemented by curve and flexible form, so in a safe and comfortable, not the ordinary high-heeled shoes white unwell feeling, while height is increased 5-14 cm, immediately felt a forceful and majesty, elegant and colorful new god. 

And the appearance is just like ordinary high-grade leather shoes, let a person can't see higher secret already, and let a person feel extremely comfortable. Increases the top part is through the science of human body mechanics curve design, and adopt the world's most advanced set of soft, hard, light material, shoe leather and lining are adopted. Shoes are said to be through magnetic, magnetic therapy, traditional Chinese medicine meridian massage therapy holographic theory combined with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and biological research can spur rapid bone growth and development of shoes.

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Increased in shoes for women

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Increased in shoes for women

This article was published on 2013/03/30