Crocs Sizing for a Roomy, Relaxed or Standard Fit

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Getting the right shoe size really matters when it comes to selecting Crocs shoe. How many times has this happened? We walk into the shoe department browse the newest styles and there it is. The one we cannot live without. The clerk brings out the size you have ordered. You slip it on and it looks and feels great. You tell the clerk I'll take them. Later, when it comes time to wear the newly purchased shoes then it happens one is too tight. There is nothing worse to have new shoes that do not fit right. One foot is larger than the other and it is a mistake to not take the time and get the proper measurements. Crocs sizing will help eliminate this problem.

Using Crocs sizing chart will assist you in choosing the right fit for all your styles. Crocs have three measuring standards for their shoes. When you're looking for the roomy, relaxed or standard fit it's important to know if you are a narrow size or wide your feet will be glad you did.

Depending on the shoe choice will depend on the comfort and style you are looking for. Choosing the right fit is very important.

Here are some things to remember:
When choosing the roomy fit: This selection is the roomiest

• Your toes should not touch the front due to the extra length
• Room across the top
• Your feet will not touch the sides

When choosing the relaxed fit: There's a little more room but it will feel secure as you walk

• The foot will have a little more room around the perimeter. Your feet may touch the shoe walls
• There's a relaxed fit across the top
• Your toes should not touch the front

When choosing the standard fit. This selection is for a snugger feel but not too tight. There should not be any slipping around as you walk.

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Crocs Sizing for a Roomy, Relaxed or Standard Fit

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Crocs Sizing for a Roomy, Relaxed or Standard Fit

This article was published on 2012/01/05