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If you’re like me, you’ve struggled to organize your shoes so you can see them, but also so they stay neat.

I needed a closet shoe organizer in the worst way!

I tried to place my shoes in a drawer in my dresser, but they were just too jumbled together. I resorted to a pile on my closet floor but I had the same problem, too jumbled together, plus I couldn’t vacuum the closet carpet.

Next was a box on the floor. The box kept the shoes together in one area, but I could only see the shoes on the top. I completely forgot about the shoes at the bottom of the box – and I have some awesome shoes that it’s a shame to ignore!

I perused the home improvement store’s displays of closet designs, debating on which closet shoe organizer to choose.

Did I want a rack on the floor? No. I decided I didn’t want to have to bend over all the time to reach for shoes.

How about one of those door-hanger shoe racks? I don’t know, they always seemed a little trashy to me. Maybe because my Great-Aunt Lucy always had one on the back of each bedroom door at her house.

Did I want one of those boxes you sit on the floor with the little cubbyholes, where you place one shoe at a time? No, I thought that took up too much space and for only what, six pairs of shoes? Also, same problem – too much bending over.

I finally decided on a hanging shoe rack made of canvas fabric. It has enough room to allow me to put one pair of shoes in each cubbyhole, and it has spaces for ten pairs of shoes. It measures about 8 inches wide by about four and half feet long. It has a hook-and-eye strip (you know, like velcro) to hang the rack from the closet rod. Best of all, it was less than $10!

So what’s the verdict on my closet shoe organizer?

I love it!

I can easily see my shoes in the cubbyholes and choose a pair to go with my day’s outfit. I can vacuum underneath the rack (it sits about 10 inches up from the floor), and I don’t have to bend way over to see all my shoes. If the rack gets dirty I can throw it in the washing machine.

Can you see why I love my closet shoe organizer?!?

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Closet Shoe Organizer

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This article was published on 2010/10/13