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In 1949, Kobe in Japan, Onitsuka Hachiro (KIHACHIRO ONITSUKA) founded the Asics Shoes. In the beginning created, it is more like a shoe factory. In 1950, the company changed its name to "ONITSUKA Tiger". In 1949, Mr. Hachiro hi Onitsuka founded in Kobe, Japan asics the predecessor - Onitsuka Tiger. Since the start of the Olympics in 1956, Onitsuka Tiger athletes around the world to be loved and respected. 1970 years, Onitsuka Tiger become America's largest manufacturer of shoes, 70% of players wore the famous Onitsuka Tiger shook the Forum! 1977, Mr. Hachiro integrated Onitsuka founded asics product diversification.

Company's first big break came in 1951, a runner wearing a Tiger running shoes marathon held in Boston at one stroke to win the race. Meanwhile, the company also has indoor sports shoes made great progress. The invention CUPSOLE to provide stability for the basketball players and better footwear. Melbourne Olympic Games in 1956, the preparatory process, Onitsuka hi Hachiro set the company's operating philosophy: to develop the most suitable for sports products. The new rubber formula provide a good cushion performance, so the Magic in 1960, Asics Shoes was born. It is each one comes with the ventilation system of shoes.

Marathon legend ABEBEBIKILA started wearing running shoes in 1961, the first choice of the Tiger shoes. To make shoes more comfortable for the feet attached, Tiger measured less than 2 million people in the foot, for technical information for reference. Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, dressed in Tiger brand shoes athletes won 46 medals. In the same year, the Australian DEREK CLAYTON alarming broke the marathon record. Gucci Outlet are very nice! In the same year, the magazine published by the RUNNER WORLD first footwear survey. Asics Shoes Tiger running shoes in the test of the five brands in the top of the list.

In 1970, Tiger became the largest manufacturer of shoes and 70% of the well-known athletes are wearing Asics Shoes Tiger. In the 1972 Munich Olympics, 80% of the volleyball players wear Tiger shoes. Since the Munich Olympics, Tiger began to flourish in Europe. In 1977, with the merger of several small companies, ASICS Corporation was formally established. SpringSummer series of shows designed more to bring a more diverse feel younger.

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Asics Shoes History

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