4 Vital Tips To Consider When Choosing Comfortable Shoes

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If you're a fitness fanatic buying comfortable footwear is a must in order to enhance your performance whether it be running, football or any other sport. However what many don't know is that your day to day shoes actually have an impact on your performance and this is because choosing the wrong pair can do your feet and joints damage. It is therefore imperative that you choose the most comfortable pair possible. The following therefore are some simple tips to help you choose the best footwear for you.

Get Measured

It's a strange thing that as adults we only ever know a rough estimate of how big our feet are. So the best place to start when on your quest to find a comfortable pair of shoes is to get your feet measured. When doing this make sure you get them measured properly so you understand not only the length of your feet but also the width. Get both feet measured as well as one foot is always slightly bigger then the other and preferably get an expert to take the measurement. Knowing your foot size is a good place to start as you can then be sure of the exact specifications that your new shoes need to meet.

Get a Game Plan

Before venturing out to the shops it is worthwhile reading up online to see which shoe shops are considered the best so that you have a game plan. You might need to try on a lot of shoes in different stores and so the best concentration of stores the better. Although not vital, it is also worth having a lookt o see what shoes are available and have a read up on what people think of them. There are tons of review sites and blogs that discuss footwear and having a bit of a read can help you find not only the best pair of shoes but also the best value for money.

Try Them Out

Never ever assume shoes will fit just because you know your foot size. When shoes are manufactured there can be slight differences between each shoe to the next even if they are the same brand and same size; so make sure you try them on! When you do try them on take a walk around, you're shoes may feel comfortable whilst sitting down but the real test is when you walk in them. You wouldn't buy a car without giving it a test drive and so the same should apply to shoes.

Get Insoles

Shoes are supposed to last a long time, and in general they do. However what breaks down the most is the insoles .Shoes generally come with the most basic of insole which misshape over time which can end up causing a lot of discomfort and damage without you realising it. Therefore it is recommended that you buy a good pair of insoles that last or that your replace your insoles every once in a while!

That concludes this list of tips. Comfort really is important if you're doing sports and so if you are finding that your joints are aching or you're not as sharp as usual then changing your day to day footwear can well be the key to solving your problems
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4 Vital Tips To Consider When Choosing Comfortable Shoes

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This article was published on 2011/02/05