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This year, the Chinese shoes enterprises struggled. Guangzhou's shoe not get out from the closures, "shoes" footwear enterprises in Jinjiang of closures also caught in the.

Why? Chinese shoes, probably the loudest on the international market reputation of Chinese products, China is the world's largest footwear producer and Export States, in accordance with the UN Industrial Development Organization statistics, we are a nation of shoe production accounts for 63% of the world, if the average All told, each person every year around the world put on a pair of shoes made in China can be said that, if left in China shoes, in this world I am afraid many people will move an inch.

However, since last year, Chinese shoes in the overseas market has experienced an unprecedented cold snap, first Leather shoes Exports there fell the first time in ten years, exports 1.3 billion pairs, down 6%, followed by the first quarter, the footwear industry, the country exports has dropped by 5.3% year on year.

If Jinjiang of China Shoes Of all, I am afraid no one will oppose it. The original production of canvas shoes started the city, overnight transformation into domestic Sports shoes Manufacturing base. This fast, gorgeous turn, even though Nike and Adidas, the multinational giants that are daunting. Yet today, Jinjiang but are facing unprecedented difficulties. Like other domestic labor-intensive industries, these shoe companies are Renminbi Appreciation of the substantial increase in raw materials and labor costs, a decline in exports of heavy pressure from barely surviving on. Jinjiang footwear industry's status quo, with perilous this phrase to describe is not excessive.

"Packaging fees rose 30% to 50% Sole Up 30%, skilled workers wages increased by 30%. "Side of the yuan appreciation and rising raw material costs keep workers wages, on the other hand is the bank's monetary tightening and the improvement of private lending interest rates, business capital chain is unprecedented predicament.

"Almost every week the factory closed down, not to get any Order , Is not still harder to orders. "Recently, in Jinjiangchendai town, the reporter learned that, in the Spring Festival, a 30-year history of footwear enterprises in Jinjiang footwear occurred in the first round of closures, there have gone out of hundreds of factories, according to industry sources, This situation will continue, small and medium enterprises will be phased out.

"Debt chains can also kill people, owe too much money out of accounts should not come back, so many enterprises collapsed." Has two five-story factory of Mr. Shih's start from the nineties of last century engaged in shoe business, according to him, mostly family-workshop began Chendai triangular debts among enterprises has been the relationship between the companies owed each other money. "Usury is a common means of financing, usually from among the millions of lending, interest in high pressure, many companies often repossessed assets." It is understood that the town now Chendai shoe is only half the peak period so, some brands started moving out, but most of the problems of capital in disguise bankruptcy of enterprises.

In Jinjiangchendai Town Chamber of Commerce, the reporter learned that, like the collapse of small and medium enterprises around the Spring Festival, Tai Chen about 20 more than the town, Jinjiang City, according to official statistics, first quarter of 2008, the city 712 shoe business taxpayers, there are 309-year decline in national tax or zero storage warehousing, 32.77 million yuan year on year reduction, down 40%, Rong-Hua Ding told reporters that the shoe business in general reflecting Jinjiang, focus the role of various factors enterprises reached the most difficult juncture in history.

Jinjiang City Chamber of Commerce Vice President Rong-Hua Ding: "including the U.S. dollar depreciation, oil and chemical prices, wages increase, there are many banks tightening funds, which a lot of things together, if just a thing that also easy to handle that together now, so it causes a lot of pressure these exporting enterprises, to survive in such a time, not the development of good, to bring the whole company how to better overcome the difficulties. " Fujian Jinjiang Yun collected

Anta , 361 degrees, Del Hui, Jordan and a number of sports shoes brand footwear rising costs at the time, they are invariably turned to look at the sale in a market, from domestic consumers, but most domestic enterprises or shoe are processing, so many years has been for Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea, Europe and the United States and other overseas customers, the export orders, objectively speaking, these companies used low-cost competition, what are turning to brands far will not be forthcoming , that they rely on to survive the immediate financial difficulties?
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2008 Will Be The Closure Of Enterprises On Chinese Shoes? - Shoes, Shoe, Chinese Shoe - Footwear

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2008 Will Be The Closure Of Enterprises On Chinese Shoes? - Shoes, Shoe, Chinese Shoe - Footwear

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